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BREAKING NEWS 18/07/2013 (Spanish national radio)

Alessio Puleo, author of "You'll hear my heart ', will be with the Internet on Thursday, July 18 at 17:00 in

Book Fair - Atripalda

At 16, Alexis Puleo presents the book MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU, at the Living literary Dogana dei grani


Alessio Puleo host of the radio program NIGHT MOURNERS, to talk about his new novel MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU

7-8 Maggio a Brindisi

The aido city of Brindisi presents the book of Alessio Puleo at the Palace Granaferi-Nervegna May 7 at 17:30 May 8 at 9:30 am

Privacy law web sites

As for the Privacy Act on the websites
the data protection commissioner clarifies some aspects of the treatment the data. Basically, the consensus is always required and this means that as an address is public or on a site for commercial purposes, we are not absolutely authorized the sending of advertising messages. In this respect take over many interpretations so it is complicated to define the boundaries of what is permissible and not permissible, so it would be more appropriate to attach an option that allows easy removal from the email list (great to be able to do it with just one click!).

Legal aspects of privacy in a website

With regard to the legal aspects related to the privacy you should consult the guarantor, links to the site, but it is important to emphasize that
  • It should always have the consent of the recipient (in case of purchase of the regular database by specialized workshops)
  • It should be clear that you intend to make use of the email; In fact, if you intend to sell it to a third party would be appropriate to ask a consensus in its own right and not group all with the words ... can be used for business purposes, generic phrase and essentially meaningless.
  • It is imperative that the company responsible data should always be given the option to unsubscribe from the system WITHOUT ANY CHARGE
  • It should be clear on who the sender is.

(Please note that here we have provided a personal synthesis of the text, this paper has no legal value). It is imperative at this juncture to make further considerations even if you are likely to be redundant, but unfortunately often we happen to start discussions on the effectiveness of little means but starting from the premise completely wrong. To be precise use of the address is a consequence of improper use made in recent years in the system, so as to require the end user to place himself in a defensive toward all. If email marketing is structured to retain a customer, this problem should not be there at all, in fact the various fraudulent statements that we find in the conditions of use of the system, type could be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes, shows that it is not clear what you are doing and the real potential of the instrument.

Privacy and web

We see this aspect in less technical terms, we see privacy and web under the point of view of those who visit on one side and the other of those who invest in the site. If you search for the increase of new users on the one hand, those who arrive want to have the utmost respect and do not always agree to receive advertising emails every day. In fact, seen from a point of view, consulting, commercially speaking, it is a ontrosenso speak of a law that protects the privacy but if you have made it, if it had to make a law that protects the privacy is because many companies have abused customers visitors. If we enter into a site and we enroll to a newsletter, it is logical that we would like to have news of that precise point of sale, with a deadline decent depending on the type of product servizo. A supermarket has a weekly basis in bids, a real estate agency could maybe do a monthly mailing, not daily. Missing this sense, there is no respect between the Web and the privacy of those who visit. Laws should not serve much less the customer should feel mistreated in front of these situations. It is the first and only resource we have, the end user and everything should be on the basis of his respect. Here should not serve guides or advice, but a bit 'of manners and respect.
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