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BREAKING NEWS 18/07/2013 (Spanish national radio)

Alessio Puleo, author of "You'll hear my heart ', will be with the Internet on Thursday, July 18 at 17:00 in

Book Fair - Atripalda

At 16, Alexis Puleo presents the book MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU, at the Living literary Dogana dei grani


Alessio Puleo host of the radio program NIGHT MOURNERS, to talk about his new novel MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU

7-8 Maggio a Brindisi

The aido city of Brindisi presents the book of Alessio Puleo at the Palace Granaferi-Nervegna May 7 at 17:30 May 8 at 9:30 am


Alessio Puleo was born in Carini, a small village in the province of Palermo, June 17, 1981, but lives and works in Cinisi.Nel 1997 the father Gaetano, master of his craft, he began his own business of pastry, which over time gaining greater prestige, in fact today is one of the most renowned in the province.
Alessio graduated as a surveyor in 1998.
In 2001 he decided to pay his military service in arming the police, doing his duty at the XII Carabinieri Battalion Sicily. This will be one of the experiences that form most of his life, considering that at that time when he served supervisory front of the house Borsellino, knows Mimma Lupo, a little woman grew with age, with a touching story behind it, that after Alessio I heard he decides to put pen to paper to not let that experience is dimenticata.Nel 2002 creates a theatrical association, non-profit, called Actors by chance. An association created by young people for the sole purpose of having fun and have the opportunity to cultivate their own desires to do theater, but to no monetary profit. Alessio and his company running so the various squares of Sicily showing hilarious comedies in Sicilian dialect.
After the experience in arming the police, Alessio continues to pursue his dreams, deciding to participate in the selection of young actors for an acting course in one of the most famous theaters of Palermo, the Free Theatre.
Unexpectedly is accepted among a very large group of aspiring and so begins his great career as an actor, that you will learn while playing two roles in Shakespearean novel Dream of a Midsummer Night: that of Botton and that of the protagonist Elena. .. giving the public the much laughter and thus gaining their sympathy.
Nevertheless Alessio decides not to live only dreams and illusions, and continues to lend a hand in the family bakery where he works to this day.
In 2007 the publisher Ottavio Navarra (Navarra Publisher), now believes in him giving him the opportunity to publish the book on the lady known during his military service, entitling it the mother of the police. With the release of the novel, Alessio immediately arouses the interest of many national newspapers, television and radio programs of Rai, doing so a lot about him and his work, as to be disputed by most TV presenters of national networks and not .
Recalling the judge Borsellino, the novel draws attention to her sister, Rita Borsellino, who struck by the insight of the writer decides to dedicate the preface, which will be added in the second publication of the novel, also published by Navarre. In fact, although sold only in Sicily, Mother of the police, has since undergone a large number of copies sold.
The third publication of the novel takes place on 13th May 2010. This time, however, will undergo substantial changes, such as a sudden change of the cover, but above all a change of publisher.
In fact, soon one of the most important Italian publishing houses, the Longanesi (the publishing group Mauri Spagnol), you realize that it was not right to leave the exclusivity of the novel to the libraries Sicilian and decides to grant it to all libraries national territory.
On 27 April 2010 in Arezzo, Alessio Puleo, during the course of a charity, is rewarded next to people from the world of culture, sport and entertainment that were close to the weapon, among many others cite Massimo Ranieri.

Since September 27, 2012, Alessio returns on bookshelves with his new book titled My heart belongs to you (published by De Agostini), a novel that deals with the delicate issue-very large and intrigued-organ donation. Currently, the book is proving a great success and above all a great interest among the media that have defined him as the book that people approach the issue of donation. The success of his novel, brings Alessio around Italy in various locations aido (Italian Association Organ Donor) and in many schools, to meet the pupils and spread the culture of donation through the written words in his book. Alessio For this novel has the gift of the preface of an illustrious character, Federico Moccia, great writer of our time, and a beautiful afterword AIDO

Rights to the book have already been acquired by other European states that will launch on the market in June of 2013.

His biography at the moment ends here ... but today Alessio only 31 years old and with the vast wealth that has experienced and great aspirations he has for his future, we can imagine a long runway.

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